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    886 E Tremont Ave 10460 El Bronx, NY

    Mon-Sat: 08:00–17:00 Sun: CLOSED
    (917) 473-6300

    Screen Repair

    Tablet & Cell Phone Screen Repair

    There’s absolutely nothing to enjoy from a broken screen. In facts, it limits your performance and convenience. If you consider the flex and high productivity on daily tasks, these portable systems can be very critical and essential to our lives, until disaster strikes!

    You tried so hard to avoid the accident, but all efforts fall through leaving you with a shattered screen. It’s painful, but fortunately, all is not lost as passcaltech can replace almost any screen at an affordable rate. You just need to give us a call at (917) 473-6300 to hire our Cell Phone Screen Repair services.

    Screen Repairs for iPhone, Android, and Everything in Between

    Sometimes, a cracked screen is manageable. However, if you find it limiting daily usage of your phone such as difficulty reading texts, emails, books you’ve purchased from Amazon or slow response to touch, replacing your screen with passcaltech is the ultimate and cost-effective way to keep using your phone.

    We are experts at replacing all types of device screens such as:

    • Samsung Repair
    • iPhone Repair
    • iPad Repair
    • Nexus Repair
    • LG Repair
    • HTC Repair and More

    When you need an iPhone screen repair, Ipad Screen Repair  or a shiny new screen for your Android, you can schedule your repair by clicking here.