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    886 E Tremont Ave 10460 El Bronx, NY

    Mon-Sat: 08:00–17:00 Sun: CLOSED
    (917) 473-6300

    PC Repair

    Get Expert Computer Repair that last long, ensures maximum performance of your PC and save you time and money.

    It is true that nothing lasts forever, but your computer must work with its maximum functionality and offer you peace of mind. If you are looking for a proven and reliable computer repair in The Bronx or the surrounding area, then you’ve come to the right place.

    At PassalTech, we cover it with all your PC, Mac, Chromebook, or other system repair needs. With over 10 years of experience, our certified technicians are highly experienced in fixing everything from an old laptop, a business computer, or your high-tech gaming machine.


    Some of the services we perform on laptops, desktops, and workstations include:
    • MacBook repair
    • Apple computer repair
    • Laptop repair – all brands
    • LCD screen replacement
    • Charging connection repair
    • Virus removal
    • Hardware and Software Upgrades
    Improving your PC’s performance


    Brand new computers fresh out of the box offers a great experience. It boots fast, the software is highly responsive and surfing the web feels like your pulling ahead in a race.

    But over time, all units degrade in performance, and even the hardware begins to fail.


    When using your computer, life can be difficult when you start experiencing symptoms as:

    • Long wait times to power on the OS.
    • Applications refusing to load or taking forever to properly function.
    • Strange popups appear while doing nothing at all.
    • Attempts to go to one website take you to another page.
    • The system suddenly shuts down.

    When issues like these begin to surface, just call on us at iMobile Repair to get Computer Repair. We are capable of handling your most terrifying computer problems. Be it hardware, software, malware attacks or other PC issues.

    Upgrading Your System

    Do you have an older system you’d like to refresh and bring up to date? At passcaltech, we are not limited to just repair; we upgrade your old PC and give it a new life just by;

    • Replacing weak hard drive or disk with latest and quality ones.
    • Adding or replacing memory to boost speed, and much more.

    Our professional approach here will see you working on your computer with a smile knowing that the high standard of care and attention that you got didn’t cost you breaking the bank. Just click here to schedule an appointment with us today!